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Selling Art Online

How To Start Selling Art Online for Beginners

If you are an artist or a creative person; harness your side hustle by making money online selling your art. In this article; I will be sharing some of the important tips and advice on how to get started. By the end of this article; you will know what to prepare for and what to expect and how to better understand the roadmap to getting your art marketing online. Bear in mind that; if done the right way you can earn thousands of dollars just from selling your own art.

In this article; We will look into some of the most important things to consider to get one started.

Getting Started

The first is to get off your chair and get started. Some people think that they will get started when they really know that they are perfectly fit to start. They think that they will learn everything all of a sudden. Others think that the best time to get started is when one will get hired and be told that their work is excellent and recommended. One needs to have the mindset and take this very first and long step. Each and every single person has a starting ground but though some people may have some vivid ideas of what they want in their plans; you may not have the idea of what you will be doing to get where you want but the best part is that you have got the talent which will be the driving vehicle to your destination. No one may know whether he/she will even make the first art sale. No one that’s so confident. Everyone just gets better by trials and error. You won’t if you never get started.

Marketing Art Through Social Media

The second step is setting up your art on social media platforms.

This art marketing strategy is hundred per cent free and this is the first step of getting art sales online. All you need to do is to start growing your social media audience and these are the most preferred social media platforms: Youtube, Tiktok and Instagram. Even if one has a very small audience on these platforms; one can still make money from them but it takes time and a lot of hard work.

Getting Audience for Your Art

The next places one can get art audiences and customers are trade shows and conventions. Most artists get their art sales from people they met and developed relationships with.

Selling Art Online Through E-commerce Platforms

The third step to selling your art online is a free and premium e-commerce platform or you can set up one for your own art business. But for beginners, it is advisable to use third-party platforms such as


Sell Art on Shopify



When you are first starting to selling your art online; it is advisable to choose some affordable and free stores such as EtsySell Art on Etsy


Sell Art on StoreEnvy


Deviant art.Deviant Sell Art The reason for starting up with the free services is because when you are a beginner; it is really very hard to get your first sale and especially when you have a very little audience and do not have any means to drive any significant traffic to your store.

So; when you are just starting to sell your art online, make sure to keep your business expenditure as lean as possible; so as to give yourself room to grow and create your customer base. Once you have established a considerable amount of audience and people keeps coming back to your online art store or on your social media platforms. Then I can recommend moving over to eCommerce stores such as Shopify or eBay or even starting your own e-commerce store from a web designer.

Production of Art

The next step is knowing how you are going to create or produce your art and meet your art demand. If you have absolutely no money to invest in making your art; I would recommend print-on-demand services like Printify etc.Selling Art Online These services sell your art inform of art prints for you; so you do not have to worry about keeping inventory and you do not have to invest by making the art prints that you do not know whether you will get the customer.  If you would like to make the print for yourself; all you need is to locate a locally best printing service near you. You can also start transferring your art on surfaces like fabric eg. T-shirts, caps or even ceramics by means of a heat transfer method known as sublimation. All you have to do is locate sublimation printing services near you or order a heat-press printing machine for yourself.

Shipping and Packaging

The next step that you may need to consider is packaging and the shipping of your art products.   But if you are using a print on demand service; you do not have to worry because the print on demand company will handle the shipping on your behalf. But if you are selling art that you have created; shipping can be a very confusing task. For starters; it is recommended to use lightweight shipping supplies from your local supply store and a shipping company near you like the postal corporation for the delivery of your art products.

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