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Why I Choose Online Business

My goal job had always been to be an entrepreneur.

My very first company was in retail.

I lost some cash in that business, and it barely lasted for six months.

lessons discovered?

– I required a storefront to sell in.

– I had to remodel the store.

– I needed a staff member at the shop full-time.

No matter if I sold anything or not, I had to pay these expenses.

That’s also why I lost the money in my first months of business.

I went into wholesale after becoming injured.

The benefit of running a wholesale firm was that I could get started by managing everything myself out of a small office.

However, the wholesale trade was not without issues.

– Because most sales were made on credit terms, there were bad debts.
I had to deal with faulty merchandise.
Not to mention, outdated inventories were accumulating.

I recoiled whenever I caught sight of the outdated inventory in the warehouse.

Am I going to get old with these old stocks, I thought to myself.

Definitely not!

I required a new venture.

a company with

– no tangible goods

– low overhead, however

– limitless possibility for growth.

There was only one response when considering these…

online commerce

Japan and China Commonalities

When we talk about Japan now, we always associate it with innovation and quality.

But how did Japan start?

During the Industrial Revolution, Japan had massively copied from the Western countries.

Yes, they were copycat.

But they continued to improve and innovate on what they had copied and became a country of innovation and quality.

History always repeat.

Fast forward now, China has been accused of being a copycat.

But guess what, give it another few more years, China will become a country of innovation and quality.

What can we learn from this?

Don’t reinventing the wheels.

First, be a copycat. Then improve and innovate.

One of the most common mistakes that people make is trying to create success based on their own thinking and method.

These people usually don’t like to read.

As I said before, there are only two ways to learn:

1. From other people’s experience
2. From your own experience

These people only learn from one way – their own experience.

As a result, they often experience failures. Failures that others have already experienced and can be avoided.

Don’t be one of them!

Whatever success you want, there is someone who has already achieved the same.

Go find that person, learn as much as you can from him and copy what he does.

After you become a successful copycat, then you can improve, innovate, and become the best in your own way.

Jinsi Ya Kupata Pesa Mtandaoni

Jinsi Ya Kupata Pata Pesa Mtandaoni Kwa Kufanya Kazi Ukiwa Nyambani

Jinsi Ya Kupata Pesa Mtandaoni

Jinsi ya Kupata Pesa Mtandaoni na Biashara ya Olymp trade Faida ya kila wiki kwenye faida thabiti ya Utengenezaji wa Biashara ya Olymp trade ni kitu ambacho kila mfanyabiashara anaota juu yake.

Jukwaa la OlympTrade ni jukwaa maarufu la biashara mtandaoni, na limekuwa likiwahudumia wateja tangu 2014. Lakini ni nini hufanya jukwaa la Olymp trade kuwa chaguo la kuaminika kwa wawekezaji wengi huko nje? Kuna sababu kadhaa kwa nini Biashara ya Olymp ndio jukwaa la chaguo la wawekezaji wengi wenye ujuzi na uzoefu huko nje.

  • Usalama na uaminifu wa jukwaa.
  • Kama jukwaa linaloongoza la kuwekeza mtandaoni, Biashara ya Olymp  inachukuliwa kuwa mwanachama anayetambuliwa na
  • A wa Tume ya Kimataifa ya Fedha, shirika ambalo hulinda masilahi ya wawekezaji.
  • Kwa kuwa jukwaa la biashara ni mwanachama wa shirika hili, vitendo visivyo halali vinafunikwa hadi $20,000, ambayo hutolewa kutoka kwa Hazina ya Fidia.
  • Kiasi cha chini kinachohitajika ili kuanza uwekezaji. Kiasi cha chini cha kuweka ili kuanza kufanya biashara kwenye jukwaa hili ni $10.
  • Hii ina maana kwamba karibu mtu yeyote anaweza kujiunga na jukwaa na kuwa mfanyabiashara.
  • Ufikiaji rahisi wa vifaa vya mafunzo na elimu.
  • Mafunzo na nyenzo muhimu ziko wazi kwa wanachama wote wa jukwaa hili la biashara.

Angalia Video Hii Jinsi Inavyo Fanya Kazi

Hizi ni sababu tu kwa nini jukwaa hili ni maarufu kati ya wawekezaji wengi, wanaoanza pamoja. Nadhani OlympTrade inafanya kazi kwa njia sawa na Chaguo la IQ – biashara ya kitaaluma, ya kuaminika na ya kweli. Ikiwa bado una nia ya kwa nini jukwaa hili linapendekezwa sana, basi tunapendekeza uangalie video ambayo iko hapo juu.
Wakati biashara haiendi unavyotaka, inaweza kuwa ya kukatisha tamaa kidogo. Lakini habari njema ni kwamba kupata faida thabiti kwenye jukwaa la Biashara ya Olymp ni jambo ambalo unaweza kufikia. Na mwongozo wa leo utazungumza juu ya njia ya kuifanya.

Kupata faida thabiti kwenye jukwaa la Biashara ya Olymp trade Uvumilivu ni ufunguo wa mafanikio Jifunze uvumilivu wako hata kabla ya kuanza biashara. Kuingia kwenye nafasi za biashara sio jambo gumu.

Lakini kujua wakati wa kuingia kwenye biashara ili kuishia na faida ni ngumu zaidi. Sio lazima ufungue miamala mingi kila siku. Lakini unahitaji kutambua hali kamili ya soko. Wakati mwingine inachukua muda mrefu kabla ya hali nzuri kutokea.

Video iliyo tangulia hapo juu ina maelezo ambaya unahitaji kuanza kufanya biashara hii.

Fungua Akaunti Hapa

  • 2021 Meilleure plateforme de trading

    Meilleure plateforme de trading pour les débutants

    2021 Meilleure plateforme de trading

    Meilleure plateforme de trading pour les débutants

    Dans cet article , je vais parler de la plateforme de trading Deriv Forex qui peut être une plateforme de trading idéale et peut-être meilleure pour les débutants.

    Introduction à la dérivation

    Deriv traite des options numériques et des CFD et propose trois plates-formes distinctes avec plus de 100 actifs négociables. Outre le Forex et les matières premières, il existe également des indices synthétiques qui peuvent être négociés 24 heures sur 24, 7 jours sur 7.

    À présent; dans cet article, nous allons nous concentrer sur les multiplicateurs d’un produit commercial sur Dtrader.

    Qu’est-ce que Dtrader et comment convient-il pour être une plateforme de trading idéale pour les débutants ?

    Dtrader est une plateforme de trading conviviale et la meilleure pour les débutants qui offre un accès à 50 actifs tels que le forex, les indices boursiers et les matières premières.

     Examinons maintenant les multiplicateurs et ce que c’est

    Les multiplicateurs de dérivés sont un type de transaction qui permet aux traders d’amplifier leurs bénéfices potentiels tout en limitant les pertes potentielles uniquement à leur mise. Cela peut également être une meilleure plateforme de trading bénéfique pour les débutants et les apprenants.

    Voici comment fonctionnent les multiplicateurs . Lorsque vous postulez à votre métier; votre profit potentiel est amplifié par la valeur de votre multiplicateur sélectionné. Sur Deriv, les valeurs des multiplicateurs sont disponibles de x10 à x1000.

    Ceci est similaire au trading à effet de levier, où votre profit potentiel est amplifié. Cependant, avec le trading à effet de levier, l’augmentation des bénéfices potentiels s’accompagne d’un risque d’augmentation des pertes potentielles.

    Mais avec Deriv, il y a de bonnes nouvelles ; Ainsi, avec les multiplicateurs Deriv, ce risque est limité. Lorsque vous négociez des multiplicateurs Deriv, vous avez plus de contrôle sur vos transactions et vous ne perdrez pas plus que votre mise.

    Concentrons-nous maintenant sur les fonctionnalités de gestion des risques

    Sur Deriv, vous trouverez des fonctionnalités de gestion des risques facilement conçues pour les traders, telles que l’arrêt automatique, la prise de profit facultative, l’arrêt des pertes et l’annulation de transactions.

    Arrêt automatique

    Cette fonctionnalité garantit que vous ne perdez jamais plus que le montant de votre mise. Avec arrêt automatique; votre transaction est automatiquement clôturée dès que votre perte est égale à votre mise.

    Tirer profit

    Take profit vous permet de sécuriser votre profit sans surveiller en permanence votre trade. Tout ce que vous avez à faire est de définir un niveau de profit dont vous êtes satisfait et lorsque votre profit atteint ou dépasse ce niveau, votre transaction est clôturée automatiquement et votre profit déposé sur votre compte. Vous pouvez également définir ou ajuster votre niveau de profit même lorsque votre position commerciale est ouverte.

    Comment gagner de l'argent sur le Forex

    Stop Loss Automatique

    Le stop loss automatique est là pour s’assurer que vous ne perdez pas plus que votre mise. Vous pouvez minimiser votre niveau de perte même lorsque votre position commerciale est ouverte. Votre position commerciale est automatiquement fermée lorsque votre perte correspond ou dépasse le niveau que vous avez défini. Par exemple, si vous ouvrez une transaction avec 10 $, la fonction de stop out fermera automatiquement votre transaction lorsque la perte atteint 10 $. Mais lorsque vous configurez un stop loss à 5 $, votre transaction se ferme automatiquement lorsque votre perte atteint ce montant. Cela vous évitera de perdre la totalité de votre mise. Vous pouvez toujours ajuster ou configurer votre stop loss même si vos positions commerciales sont ouvertes.

    Fonction d’annulation de transaction

    Avec l’annulation d’une transaction, vous pouvez annuler votre transaction dans un délai spécifique. (Cela dépend de l’actif que vous négociez) Dans cette fonctionnalité, vous récupérez votre mise si vous voyez que le marché va contre vous. Deriv vous facture une somme modique pour ce service.

    Sur quelles plates-formes commerciales les multiplicateurs sont-ils disponibles ?

    On peut trader des multiplicateurs sur la plateforme de trading Dtrader et l’application de trading mobile Deriv Go.

    Quels actifs sont disponibles pour le trading de multiplicateurs ?



    -Dériver des indices synthétiques

    Mais avec les multiplicateurs, on peut échanger des multiplicateurs sur toutes les principales paires de devises et crypto-monnaies que vous pouvez échanger ; les multiplicateurs crypto ont une limite de temps en fonction de la crypto-monnaie que vous négociez. Vous pouvez vérifier cette limite avant de placer une transaction.

    Pour les indices synthétiques, vous pouvez échanger des multiplicateurs sur le boom du crash et des indices continus.

    Nous avons couvert ce que sont les multiplicateurs. Ce sont des fonctionnalités de gestion des risques, des plates-formes et des instruments sur lesquels les traders peuvent négocier des multiplicateurs.

    Bénéfice amplifié

    Lorsque vous tradez avec des multiplicateurs

    -Votre profit potentiel est amplifié par la valeur des multiplicateurs que vous définissez sur votre transaction.

    -Plus la valeur est élevée, plus le potentiel de votre profit sera élevé.

    Risques limités

    Avec des fonctionnalités de gestion des risques telles que l’arrêt automatique, la prise de profit, l’arrêt des pertes et l’annulation des transactions, vos transactions sont protégées et vous ne perdrez pas plus que votre mise.

    Trading sur le pouce 24h/24 et 7j/7

    On peut échanger des multiplicateurs en déplacement avec l’application mobile go avec des crypto-monnaies et des indices synthétiques disponibles pour échanger vingt-quatre heures sur vingt-quatre, sept jours sur sept, week-ends et jours fériés compris. On peut échanger des multiplicateurs n’importe quand n’importe quel jour sur Dtrader et Deriv Go.


    Maintenant que nous avons couvert ce que sont les multiplicateurs ; et pourquoi vous devriez envisager de négocier des multiplicateurs de dérivés. Essayez-le vous-même, connectez- vous à votre compte ou inscrivez-vous pour un compte de démonstration sans risque préchargé avec une devise virtuelle de 10 000 $ pour que vous puissiez essayer d’apprendre à trader

    2021 Beste Handelsplattform

    Beste Handelsplattform für Anfänger

    2021 Beste Handelsplattform

    Beste Handelsplattform für Anfänger

    In diesem Artikel werde ich über die Deriv Forex Handelsplattform sprechen, die eine ideale und vielleicht bessere Handelsplattform für Anfänger sein kann.

    Einführung in Derivat

    Deriv befasst sich mit digitalen Optionen und CFDs und bietet drei verschiedene Plattformen mit über 100 handelbaren Vermögenswerten. Neben Forex und Rohstoffen gibt es auch synthetische Indizes, die 24 Stunden 7 Tage die Woche gehandelt werden können.

    Jetzt; In diesem Artikel konzentrieren wir uns auf Multiplikatoren eines Handelsprodukts auf Dtrader.

    Was ist Dtrader und wie eignet es sich als ideale Handelsplattform für Anfänger?

    Dtrader ist eine benutzerfreundliche und beste Handelsplattform für Anfänger, die Zugriff auf 50 Vermögenswerte wie Forex, Aktienindizes und Rohstoffe bietet.

     Schauen wir uns nun Multiplikatoren an und was es ist

    Derivat-Multiplikatoren sind ein Handelstyp, der es Händlern ermöglicht, ihre potenziellen Gewinne zu verstärken und gleichzeitig potenzielle Verluste nur auf ihren Einsatz zu beschränken. Dies kann sowohl für Anfänger als auch für Anfänger eine vorteilhafte beste Handelsplattform sein.

    Hier ist , wie Multiplikatoren arbeiten . Wenn Sie sich für Ihren Handel bewerben; Ihr potenzieller Gewinn wird durch den Wert Ihres ausgewählten Multiplikators verstärkt. Bei Derivat sind Multiplikatorwerte von x10 bis x1000 verfügbar.

    Dies ähnelt dem gehebelten Handel, bei dem Ihr potenzieller Gewinn verstärkt wird. Beim Handel mit Hebelwirkung geht jedoch ein erhöhter potenzieller Gewinn mit dem Risiko eines erhöhten potenziellen Verlusts einher.

    Aber mit Derivat gibt es einige gute Neuigkeiten; Wobei bei Deriv Multiplikatoren dieses Risiko begrenzt ist. Wenn Sie Derivate-Multiplikatoren handeln, erhalten Sie mehr Kontrolle über Ihre Trades und verlieren nicht mehr als Ihren Einsatz.

    Konzentrieren wir uns nun auf die Risikomanagementfunktionen

    Auf Derivat finden Sie Risikomanagementfunktionen, die für Händler leicht entwickelt wurden, wie zum Beispiel automatisches Stop-Out, optionale Gewinnmitnahmen, Stop-Loss und Abbruch des Geschäfts.

    Automatische Abschaltung

    Diese Funktion stellt sicher, dass Sie nie mehr als Ihren Einsatzbetrag verlieren. Mit automatischer Abschaltung; Ihr Trade wird automatisch geschlossen, sobald Ihr Verlust Ihrem Einsatz entspricht.

    Take Profit

    Take Profit ermöglicht es Ihnen, Ihren Gewinn zu sichern, ohne Ihren Handel ständig zu überwachen. Alles, was Sie tun müssen, ist ein Gewinnniveau festzulegen, mit dem Sie zufrieden sind, und wenn Ihr Gewinn dieses Niveau erreicht oder überschreitet, wird Ihr Trade automatisch geschlossen und Ihr Gewinn wird Ihrem Konto gutgeschrieben. Sie können Ihr Gewinnniveau auch festlegen oder anpassen, selbst wenn Ihre Handelsposition offen ist.

    So verdienen Sie Geld mit Forex

    Automatischer Stop-Loss

    Ein automatischer Stop-Loss sorgt dafür, dass Sie nicht mehr als Ihren Einsatz verlieren. Sie können Ihr Verlustniveau auch dann minimieren, wenn Ihre Handelsposition offen ist. Ihre Handelsposition wird automatisch geschlossen, wenn Ihr Verlust das von Ihnen festgelegte Niveau erreicht oder überschreitet. Wenn Sie beispielsweise einen Trade mit 10 USD eröffnen, schließt die Stop-Out-Funktion Ihren Trade automatisch, wenn der Verlust 10 USD erreicht. Wenn Sie jedoch einen Stop-Loss bei 5 USD einrichten, wird Ihr Trade automatisch geschlossen, wenn Ihr Verlust diesen Betrag erreicht. Dies verhindert, dass Sie Ihren gesamten Einsatz verlieren. Sie können Ihren Stop-Loss auch dann noch anpassen oder einrichten, wenn Ihre Handelspositionen offen sind.


    Mit der Deal-Stornierung können Sie Ihren Trade innerhalb eines bestimmten Zeitraums stornieren. (Dies hängt von dem Vermögenswert ab, den Sie handeln) Bei dieser Funktion erhalten Sie Ihren Einsatz zurück, wenn Sie sehen, dass der Markt gegen Sie läuft. Derivat berechnet Ihnen für diesen Service eine geringe Gebühr.

    Auf welchen Handelsplattformen sind Multiplikatoren verfügbar?

    Man kann Multiplikatoren auf der Dtrader-Handelsplattform und der Deriv Go Mobile-Handelsanwendung handeln.

    Welche Vermögenswerte stehen für den Multiplikator-Handel zur Verfügung?



    -Synthetische Indizes ableiten

    Aber mit Multiplikatoren kann man Multiplikatoren für alle wichtigen Währungspaare und Kryptowährungen handeln, die Sie handeln können; Krypto-Multiplikatoren haben ein Zeitlimit, das von der Kryptowährung abhängt, mit der Sie handeln. Sie können dieses Limit überprüfen, bevor Sie einen Trade platzieren.

    Bei synthetischen Indizes können Sie Multiplikatoren für den Crash-Boom und kontinuierliche Indizes handeln.

    Wir haben behandelt, was Multiplikatoren sind. Sie sind Risikomanagementfunktionen, Plattformen und Instrumente, auf denen Händler Multiplikatoren handeln können.

    Verstärkter Gewinn

    Wenn Sie mit Multiplikatoren handeln

    -Ihr potenzieller Gewinn wird durch den Multiplikatorwert verstärkt, den Sie für Ihren Handel festlegen.

    -Je höher der Wert, desto höher das Potenzial Ihres Gewinns.

    Begrenzte Risiken

    Mit Risikomanagementfunktionen wie automatischem Stop-Out, Take-Profit, Stop-Loss und Deal-Stornierung sind Ihre Trades geschützt und Sie verlieren nicht mehr als Ihren Einsatz.

    Unterwegs 24/7 Trading

    Mit der mobilen Anwendung für unterwegs können Multiplikatoren mit Kryptowährungen und synthetischen Indizes gehandelt werden, die rund um die Uhr, sieben Tage die Woche, einschließlich Wochenenden und Feiertagen, gehandelt werden können. Auf Dtrader und Deriv Go kann man jederzeit und jeden Tag mit Multiplikatoren handeln.


    Nun, da wir behandelt haben, was Multiplikatoren sind; und warum Sie den Handel mit Derivate-Multiplikatoren in Betracht ziehen sollten. Probieren Sie es selbst aus , melden Sie sich bei Ihrem Konto an oder melden Sie sich für ein risikofreies Demokonto an, das mit einer virtuellen Währung von 10.000 USD vorinstalliert ist, damit Sie versuchen können, den Handel zu erlernen

    Faida Za Poda Ya Makaa

    Kwa nini Poda ya Makaa ni Muhimu sana kwenye Mwili?


    Faida Za Poda Ya Makaa


    Poda ya makaa iliyoamilishwa ni bidhaa ya kushangaza ambayo nadhani kila mtu anapaswa kuwa nayo katika kaya zao kwa maisha yenye afya. Ni moja ya bidhaa za miujiza ambazo mtu anapaswa kuwa nazo kwa sababu ya faida nyingi za kiafya zinazohusiana nayo.


    Katika makala haya; nitajadili bidhaa hii ya kushangaza, faida za poda ya makaa. Tafadhali kumbuka kuwa mimi sio daktari. Ni jukumu la msomaji kutumia hukumu, utunzaji na tahadhari ikiwa mtu anataka kujaribu matibabu haya nyumbani.


    Nitakuwa nikitoa faida kadhaa za kiafya za bidhaa hii ya kushangaza. Ingawa kuna faida nyingi zinazohusiana na poda ya makaa iliyoamilishwa, sitajaribu kutoa nambari hiyo kwenye orodha. Lakini ikiwa tu haujapata unga wa mkaa ulioamilishwa, ningependekeza sana ufanye hivyo. Ujipatie faida kubwa zinazo tokana na Bidhaa za makaa zilizoamilishwa


    Ikiwa tayari umejifunza juu ya faida poda za makaa zilizo amilishwa, imekuwa huko kwa karne nyingi sasa. Watu katika siku za zamani waliitumia kwa madhumuni ya dawa. Labda waligundua wakati waliasha moto wao wa kwanza au labda kutoka kwa moto wa mapema.


    Ikiwa utachoma kuni ngumu au ganda la nazi, utaweza kupata mkaa na kwa kuisaga, hakika utapata unga wa makaa. Mchakato wa kuamsha kaboni kwenye poda ya makaa kwa sababu ya kuongeza eneo la uso wa “adsorption”; ni mchakato ngumu kidogo. Lakini kama ilivyo; poda ya mkaa asili ni nzuri sana inapokuja kuvuna faida za jumla za afya za poda ya makaa katika miili yetu.


    Sababu ambayo unahitaji kutumia bidhaa hii ni kwamba inajulikana sana linapokuja suala la kusafisha na vile vile wakala wa kuondoa uchafu mwilini. Pia ni nzuri kwa vitu vya kuchuja na “adsorption” ya dutu zingine.

    Faida kwenye Usafi wa Maji


    Ni wakala mzuri wa kuchuja unaotumiwa kwenye usafi wa maji. Utapata katika kuchuja kwa vitu vyenye hewa, kama kwenye chujio la mask ya gesi

    Viwango vya “Cholesterol” Vilivyoamilishwa vya Makaa.


    Ingawa hakuna utafiti wa kisayansi ambao umehitimisha madai kwamba poda ya mkaa hupunguza cholesterol mwilini; unga wa mkaa hupunguza viwango vya cholesterol mwilini. Poda ya mkaa iliyoamilishwa ina uwezo wa adsorb (kufundisha na kuondoa) cholesterol na asidi ya bile iliyopo ndani ya utumbo. Ambayo itazuia kunyonya kwa cholesterol. Hii itasababisha kupunguzwa kwa ngozi ya asidi ya bile. Hii itasababisha kuongezeka kwa cholesterol na ini. Katika masomo yaliyodhibitiwa ya watu walio na cholesterol ya mwili nyingi, poda ya mkaa iliyopunguzwa jumla- na (LDL) – viwango vya cholesterol mbaya, wakati hupewa kiasi kutoka gramu nne hadi thelathini na mbili kwa siku.

    Faida Za Kuondoa gesi


    Poda ya makaa ilioamilishwa umejulikana kupigana na shida za gesi. Imeundwa na inapokanzwa makaa ya kawaida huifanya iwe ya kupendeza zaidi. Hii inafanya kuongezeka kwa eneo la uso kwa sumu ya adsorb mwilini.

    Kutibu mtiririko wa bile uliopunguzwa (cholestasis) wakati wa uja uzito.


    Kulingana na ripoti kadhaa za mapema za utafiti. Kuingiza makaa yalioamilishwa husaidia katika matibabu ya cholestasis katika wanawake wajawazito.

    Faida Za Poda Ya Makaa kwa Kusafisha meno


    Watu wengine hutumia poda ya mkaa kusafisha meno yao wengine huitumia kujenga meno yao. Poda ya makaa yalioamilishwa inaweza kuwa tiba nzuri ya meno kwa sababu faida za poda ya makaa yalioamilishwa ni kubwa zaidi kuliko dawa ya meno.

    Poda ya makaa iliyoamilishwa Kwa Hungover


    Makaa yalioamilishwa hujumuishwa katika tiba zingine za hangover na sumu ya pombe. Kutumia mkaa wakati huo huo kama vile pombe inaweza kuzuia viwango vya pombe vya damu kuongezeka, lakini wataalam wengine wanatilia shaka jinsi inaweza kufanya kazi vizuri. Poda ya mkaa iliyoamilishwa haionekani kuvuta pombe vizuri.

    Wakala wa Kupinga Uzee Wakati Poda ya Makaa Inatumiwa Kwenye Ngozi


    Poda ya makaa iliyoamilishwa ni moja ya bidhaa muhimu na za mahitaji ya asili na ya zamani. Inatumika katika kusafisha, matibabu ambayo husafisha na kuimalisha ngozi ya uso, masks ya uso, na sabuni ambayo ina uwezo wa kuchukua sumu na uchafu. Ni nzuri katika kusafisha kwa kina ngozi ya ngozi yako, pia, ni bora katika kuondoa mafuta ya ziada na inaweza kuacha ngozi yako bila alama. Bidhaa zingine za mkaa zilizoamilishwa zimeonyeshwa kuwa na uboreshaji mkubwa katika kukazwa na uboreshaji wa ngozi ya vikundi vingi vya umri.

    Read in English

    11 Medicinal Herbs and Their Health Benefits

    What’s the deal with medicinal herbs?

    What are they and what should you be using?

    What are the best ones?

    So; in this article, we will be putting together medicinal herbs and their health benefits, what they are and what is the difference between medicinal herbs and spices. Which ones are researched and proven to have medicinal and healthy benefits?

    Now let’s dive into it. What is a herb? Herb is really a fancy word. Which herbs have culinary value and which ones that have medicinal value?

    What is composed of Medicinal Herbs?

    Herb is a plant

    • Tree
    • Shrub and a sub-shrub
    • Vines
    • Woody-stemmed perennials
    • Herbaceous
    • Ferns
    • Fungi

    When we talk about herbs these could be roots, flowers, leaves, barks or seeds. All these are in the compound of herbs. Also as mentioned earlier; spices used in cooking are actually dried herbs. Examples of spices include things like garlic, turmeric, cayenne etc. These are common herbs that we use to spice up foods.

    This is important to understand because humans throughout history, have been using some of these herbs in foods for thousands of years to add flavour into their diets. But in some cases, the original uses of these herbs were for preservation purposes. So, herbs are an important part of our lives in spicing up foods and for medicinal purposes.

    This is a fact that we can incorporate medicinal herbs into our daily diet.  When you go back in the bible you will notice in the book of Genesis that man’s original meal was a plant-based diet. There is also this quote from Hippocrate a Greek physician “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” To know these medicinal herbs and their health benefits so that we can improve our overall health and this is phenomenon research.

    Let us now look into two categories of herbs. The culinary, the medicinal herbs and their health benefits and we are going to discuss both of them in this article.

    The first category is the culinary herbs which example include garlic, rosemary, ginger etc. This does not mean because they are culinary; they do not have any medicinal value. Let us take rosemary in our example, if you take rosemary and rub it on your fingers it produces oil; this oil is very essential in the improvement of memory. This is research-backed stuff.

    These are anti-microbial they can kill bacteria in our food and can also help improve our digestion. The herbs that we put on our food; have some health benefits. So, it is important to include edible herbs in our diets daily.

    Now I will give you two classes of herbs that we do not use quite often. The first one is:

    St. Johns’ Wart

    The herb modulates neurotransmitter levels in the brain. This is the reason why people use the herb as an antidepressant and mood stabilizer. It increases serotonin. Using this herb with your pharmaceutical drugs is not always safe because some of these herbs are very powerful.

    The second one is Kava

    Kava is a very powerful herb that people have used to deal with anxiety. But taking high doses of this herb is very toxic. So, the herbs that we should take in our day to day life are the ones we are sure of their safety.  You should not mess with all the plants that you come across some of these are very powerful and even poisonous.

    11 favourite medicinal herbs and their health benefits

    Now let us look into some 11 favourite medicinal herbs and their health benefits that are safe to take for our body. The first herb that one should be having in the diet is;


    Ginger in the list of medicinal Herbs

    Ginger is a herb that has amazing health benefits. Perhaps when you are a kid and had a stomach upset; your mum could prepare ginger oil. This is because ginger is an anti-nausea herb. It helps calm the stomach down. Ginger is one of nature’s anti-inflammatory herbs. Ginger can be used in our daily meals.


    Lavender Herb

    The second on the list is lavender. Research has shown that lavender can massively help relax your brain. Lavender can help an overactive mind at night and therefore help in better sleep. You can incorporate this medicinal herb in your drink as you should already know that sleep is fundamental in your daily health routine.

    Garlic Is Listed As  One Of The Medicinal Herbs

    Garlic Health Benefits

    The next herb on the list is garlic. There is a reason why we should be using garlic in our diet. Garlic is a very powerful herb. The first thing about garlic is that this herb is anti-microbial. These are the health benefits of garlic.

    • Kills urinary tract infection
    • Kill kidney infections
    • Kills cancer cells
    • Treat acne
    • Kills strep throat
    • Kills cold sores
    • Lowers cholesterol
    • Strengthen immune system
    • Removes heavy metal from the body
    • Helps in weight control and weight loss
    • Reduce and regulate blood sugar
    • Increase production of insulin
    • Kills and expel worms
    • Inhibit Leukemia
    • Kills athletes foot
    • Soothes psoriasis
    • Reduces high blood pressure
    • Cures yeast infections

    Tea Tree Oil

    Tea Tree Health Benefits

    Tea tree oil smells a little bit like eucalyptus. This is an anti-microbial herb. It is much like garlic. This herb is very effective in killing fungi. Here are some of the health benefits:

    • Boost immune system
    • Reduces dandruff and hair loss
    • Helps in fast healing of wounds
    • Stimulate blood circulation and hormone secretion
    • Gives relief from coughs, colds and congestion
    • Effective against viral and fungal infections

    Caution may cause rashes, indigestion and weakness.


    Peppermint Health Benefitsit

    Peppermint has a very good digestive tonic. After the meal, peppermint is very good in helping digestion.


    Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits

    Cayenne is essential in reducing pain


    Echinecea Health Benefits

    Echinacea is an amazing herb that stimulates and increases the body immune system. Drinking it as tea or syrup is a good provider of immunity.


    Dandelion Health Benefitss


    Dandelion is powerful for liver and digestive health. It helps the liver to produce bio. It also helps in the detoxification of the liver and in prostate health.


    Chamomile Health Benefits

    This herb sound similar to lavender. Nighttime supplements have something like chamomile and lavender in them. Chamomile has relaxing properties which help calm your mind at night. If you have an overactive mind at night this is another solution.


    Turmeric Health Benefits

    Turmeric is one of nature’s best anti-inflammatory herbs.

    • It has anti-cancer properties.
    • It helps the brain function better.
    • It also helps boost the immune system.
    Passion Flower

    Passion Flower Health Benefits

    Passion Flower is popular in the treatment of anxiety and symptoms related to it like insomnia. It is also used by some people to treat haemorrhoids and inflammations.


    Cooking some of these herbs may lower their effectiveness. Some herbs may be taken raw. Others can be steamed into boiling water and taken as a drink.

    Learn About Avocado Leaves

    14 Avocado Leaves Health Benefits


    As an incredible source of nutrients, avocado is loaded with heart rich fats, fibre and potassium. It has been found to lower cholesterol levels, helps in losing weight, reduce inflammation, improve skin among other health benefits. But not just avocado fruit which has these health benefits; other parts of this plant-based diet plant have more benefits as well and one of them is avocado leaves. You should not throw away avocado leaves because avocado leaves health benefits to the body have a big impact.

    There is a large number of vitamins and healthy acids found in avocado leaves. They can have a huge health impact when used at home.

    What Is Avocado

    Perhaps if you have not come across this fruit. Avocado is a fruit that has a similar shape as pears but has no same taste. They have a large seed at the centre of the fruit. They grow on a tree, which just like any other tree, they have leaves, root and branches.

    When avocado leaves are toasted, they produce a hazelnut aroma and mellow liquorice flavour

    Specifically; What have Avocado Leaves Health Benefits?

    One benefit of avocado leaves is that it helps in weight loss. Avocado leaves have the ability to aid in weight loss. Limonene that is found in avocado leaves helps in suppressing appetite making you fill full by controlling food intake. Thereby reducing unnecessary weight gain.

    Decreases Anxiety and Insomnia

    According to experts, avocado leaves are in particular effective when it comes to the reduction of anxiety and therefore reducing the chances of suffering from insomnia. The receptors in the brain produce serotonin. Serotonin plays an important role in regulating mode, control of appetite and help in good night sleep.  Besides serotonin, avocado leaves have limonene content that is thought to reduce anxiety effectively.

    Prevention and Treatment of Diarrhea

    Naturally, avocado leaves tea is a good method for the treatment of diarrhoea. Limonene found in avocado leaves is very effective in maintaining a healthy digestive balance and improve the function of the intestine. They can also protect against viruses and bacteria that can cause diarrhoea.

    Acts As a Body Detoxifier

    The flavanol compound found in avocado leaves can help to purify the blood from toxic substances and then remove them naturally in the toilet. It is a good detoxifying agent when drunk on a daily basis.

    Does Avocado Help with Diabetes?

    Glycoside content found in avocado leaves; makes them effective in the treatment of diabetes according to a study. This content can replace the sugar that the body needs making you feel fuller and satisfied and eating less.

    Reduction of Cholesterol

    Limonene found in avocado leaves is very effective in lowering cholesterol in the body and therefore helps in maintaining good cholesterol levels.

    Reducing Itching and Swelling

    Quercetin found in avocado leaves might reduce inflammation according to scientists. One study found that quercetin prevents both chronic and acute inflammation. It has also anti-arthritis properties.

    Improves Skin Health

    Avocado leaves are an excellent source of antioxidants that can help to keep the skin clear, flexible and healthful. It can also help reduce acne and blackheads. Antioxidants are also essential in preventing early signs of ageing.

    May Prevent Cancer

    Although more research is needed on this; some studies have found some links related to avocado leaves and the prevention of cancer.

    Avocado Leaves Health Benefits in Reducing Headache Pain

    Avocado leaves make a great natural remedy for the treatment of headache pain because of the presence of quercetin and pinene compounds found in them.

    Lessen Asthma Symptoms

    Avocado leaves contain pinene, a pine-smelling compound that has been found to help in breathing, reduce inflammation, kill bacteria and even improve memory.

    Protect Body from Degenerative Diseases

    Those people with inflammatory diseases; may benefit from taking avocado leaves tea in their daily diet. This is because the flavanol found in avocado leaves have the ability to protect the body from degenerative diseases such as arthritis.

    Support Heart Health

    According to the experts, drinking avocado tea has positive effects on cardiovascular health, blood pressure and blood circulation.

    Avocado Leaves Health Benefits in Promoting Stronger Thicker Hair

    Avocado leaves are excellent for hair treatment and so, there is no surprise that there are ingredients used in many hair care products. The rich vitamin B found in avocado leaves are excellent for strengthening your hair, leaving it healthy and glossy.


    To make avocado tea, steep two or three avocado leaves in boiling water for 10 minutes to allow the nutrients from the leaves to pass through into the water. Then let the water cool for drinking. Honey or cinnamon can be added to sweeten the tea. Check out other avocados healthy products

    Benefits Of Activated Charcoal

    Why Is Activated Charcoal Powder So Important?

    Activated charcoal powder is an amazing product that I think everyone should have in their households for healthy living. It is one of the miracle products that one should have because of so many health benefits associated with it.

    In this article; am going to discuss this amazing product. Please note that I am not a doctor. It is the reader’s responsibility to use judgment, care and precautions if one wants to try these treatments back at home.

    I will be giving some of the health benefits of this amazing product. Although there are so many benefits associated with activated charcoal powder, am not going to try to give the number to the list. But just in case you have not given activated charcoal powder a try, I would highly recommend that you do so. Wide Range Of Activated Charcoal Products

    If you have already learned about the benefits of activated charcoal, it has been there for many centuries now. People in ancient days used it for medicinal purposes. They perhaps discovered it when they lit their first fire or probably from the early wildfires.

    If you are to burn down hardwoods or coconut shells, you gonna be able to get the charcoal and by grinding it, you will definitely get the charcoal powder. The process of activating the carbon in the charcoal for the sake of increasing adsorption surface area; is a bit complex process. But as it is; natural charcoal powder is very effective when it comes to reaping the overall health benefits of charcoal in our bodies.

    The reason why you need to be using this product is that it is very notorious when it comes to cleaning as well as a detoxifying agent. It is also fantastic for filtering things and adsorption of other substances.

    Water Filteration

    It is a fantastic filtering agent used in water. You will find it in the filtration of airborne substances, like in the gas mask filter

    Activated Charcoal Powder Lowers cholesterol levels.

    Although no scientific research has concluded the claim that charcoal powder lowers cholesterol in the body; charcoal powder lowers cholesterol levels in the body. Activated charcoal powder has the ability to adsorb (attach to and eliminate) cholesterol and bile acids present in the intestine. Which will prevent cholesterol absorption. This will lead to a reduction in the absorption of bile acids. This will results in increased breaking down of cholesterol by the liver. In controlled studies of people with high body cholesterol, charcoal powder reduced total- and (LDL)-bad cholesterol levels, when given in amounts from four to thirty-two grams per day.

    Eliminating gas (flatulence).

    Activated charcoal has been known to fight gas problems. It is created by heating common charcoal to make it more porous. This makes it increase in surface area to adsorb toxins in the body.

    Treating reduced bile flow (cholestasis) during pregnancy.

    According to some early researched reports. Ingesting activated charcoal helps in the treatment of cholestasis in pregnant women.

    Teeth Whitening

    Some people use charcoal powder to whiten their teeth other uses it to rebuild their teeth enamel. The activated charcoal may be an effective teeth whitener because activated charcoal is more abrasive than toothpaste.

    Activated Charcoal Powder For Hungover

    Activated charcoal is included in some hangover remedies and alcohol poisoning. Consuming charcoal at the same time as alcohol can prevent blood alcohol levels from rising, but some experts are sceptical about how well it might work. Activated charcoal powder doesn’t seem to trap alcohol very well.

    Anti Ageing Agent When Used On Skin

    Activated charcoal powder is one of the most important and in-demand natural and ancient products. It’s being used in cleaning, treatment which cleanses and exfoliates the skin of the face, face masks, and soap that has the ability to absorb toxins and impurities. It is good in deep cleaning the pores of your skin, also, it is excellent in removing excess oil and can leave your skin without blemishes. Some activated charcoal products have been shown to have significant improvement in the tightness and complexion of the skin of many age groups.

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    Benefits Of Himalayan Natural Rock Salt

    Benefits Of Himalayan Rock Salt

    Benefits of Himalayan Natural Rock Salt

    Salt has been used through out human history to flavor to the food.

    In the human history, salt has been used as a preservative in meat and in giving food flavor.

    Salt consumption has healthy benefits to our overall body function. Unfortunately not all salt that is beneficial to our health.

    Traditional table salt, that is commonly used in the most household  has no natural ingredients needed in our body and has substance that is detrimental to our health.

    Traditional table salt has  content of 97.5 percent sodium. Whereby moisture absorbents and chemical additives occupy the remaining 2.5 percent.

    The sodium passes through a process when being manufactured; Through this process,  it is chemically bleached at 1200 degrees until the sodium crystalizes into the form we know as the salt. This process make the salt completely lack essential nutritional value and minerals.

    Traditional table salt has been used in many households for many years. Although this salt seems to be tasty,  it has greatly contributed to the health risks we witness today.

    But Do You Know That The Himalayan Rock Salt Is a 100 % Preservative Free?

    This salt is naturally harvested from the mountains rocks. It is satisfactory when used on meals without the health risks posed by the traditional table salt.

    This natural rock salt has several health benefits to the human body when consumed with the meal. It is also good during the bath.


    Here Are Fourteen Heath Benefits Associated With Himalayan Natural Rock Salt.

    These will help you to get rid of traditional table salt and reap the  health benefits of natural rock salt.

    1. Relieve Muscle Soreness.

    Have you trained abit too hard in the gym or maybe had a hard task and you are starting to feel the effects? If this is the case, a warm salty water bath will work the miracle to relax your muscle, relief soreness and speedup the process of repairing you muscle. The Himalayan natural rock salt, is very rich in magnesium, iodine and eighty other traces of essential minerals that are related to the healing of the muscle and softening of the body tissues when absorbed through the skin.

    Improvement Of The Respiratory System

    Himalayan natural rock salt, can naturally elevate some of the most common respiratory conditions; such as asthma.

    The pink crystals are known to emit ions, which is why this natural salt is indispensable in what is known as salt therapy.

    Salt therapy has been used for more than two hundred years.

    Salt rich air kills bacteria and can elevate chest congestion, cough and asthma. It has also been used to treat cystic fibrosis.

    Helps In Lowering Blood Pressure

    How can Himalayan natural rock salt lower blood pressure? When it is known that the sodium present in the salt crystals have the exact opposite effect? The reason why the pink Himalayan salt  can actually be good for high blood pressure is because it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream in a faster and more efficient way than the conventional salt. In turn; this leads to lower blood pressure and healthier and improved blood flow

    Improvement of Digestion

    If you suffer from slow digestion or when your body encounter hard time in processing and absorption of nutrients, then you can rely on the Himalayan natural pink rock salt.

    You will quickly how gas bloating and constipation will no longer be an issue.

    Help In Good Sleep and Insomnia

    The Himalayan natural pink rock salt is well known for its relaxing effects on the body. These effect target your muscle in particular. However a small natural rock salt lamp can also purify the air helping you fall asleep easily and sleep for longer hours.

    Prolonged lack of sleep can result in health risks like high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and heart attack.

    Helps In Soothing Sore Throat

    Although it is cure-all for immediate relief, salty water can help kill bacteria, loosen mucus and ease the pain. Just mix a cup of warm water with natural rock salt and gargle.

    Himalayan Rock Salt Is Very Rich In Minerals

    The microscopic analysis of the Himalayan natural rock salt crystals reveals that it contains no less than eighty four mineral traces essential for the overall body health. These minerals include calcium, chloride, magnesium. phosphorus, iron, potassium and copper etc. All these minerals are essential for:

    -Healthy bones

    -Help in fight against athritis and other joint related issues.

    -Prevention of cold hands and feet triggered by poor blood circuration

    -Preventing mental health poblems

    Irrigation Of Sinus

    Strong antibacterial and microbial properties and irrigation with the Himalayan natural rock salt, will kill the contaminant present in you nasal cavity.

    Good for Skin Health

    A bonus, exfoliation can actually boost your production of collagen; the protein that keeps your skin smooth

    Strong Detoxifying Properties

    The Himalayan natural rock salt is also known for its natural detoxification effects. When used inform of brine treatments. When salt is used in bathing the minerals and other compounds present in it, get absorbed quickly in to the skin, stimulating the natural osmosis process.

    Great For Air Purification

    Himalayan pink salt lamp act as a natural air purifier and attract moisture from the air along with all other allergens and pathogens.

    Helps In Regulating Blood Sugar

    Himalayan pink salt; has been shown to regulate blood sugar. This is because the 84 traces of minerals found in it four of which are key factor in maintaining good blood sugar levels. Chromium, vanadium, manganese and magnesium; Helps in digestion of blood sugar.

    Treatment Of Acid Reflux

    Acid reflux is a common problem that occur in those people who have problem with pH levels in the stomach. The Himalayan pink salt can double as a natural and highly efficient anti acid that keeps the stomach acid levels within the normal range

    Helps In Maintaining Healthy Teeth

    Himalayan natural pink salt  contain potassium which aids in gum health as well as other minerals, including calcium, that is good in dental health.