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7 Trending Colours for Interior

Trending Colours for House Interior

Here are the 7 Trending Colours for Interior

If you are taking up an interior painting job project you’d be aware of the fact that the trends just keep on changing. It can actually be quite fun to try out some of the latest trends in the market. What are the other homeowners doing? What colour shades are they trying? You are likely to have many such questions in mind.

The paint scheme of your interior provides you with the base to work on your home décor. Even if you may wish to leave them as a blank canvas you need to be choosy about the shades. You are likely to have different ideas for perfect colour shade and ones that let you add to the grandeur of your home. So here’s the list of the seven trending colours that you can try for your interior painting –

Find below the Trending Colours for Interior


You may not like mushrooms but this shade that was popular back in the 70s has made a grand comeback in the recent years. There is a newfound trend in choosing shades for painting house interior and most people are looking to go natural and this is where Mushroom adds a fresh touch to your home.

New Blues

If you are a traditionalist and would like to stick to a play-it-safe colour, blue is the one for you. Perhaps you already have it at home. So for your next paint job you can try out the new shades that are trending such as ice blue, charcoal blue and grey-blue. They blend seamlessly with other décor items in your home.


If you are one who likes subtle tones in the interior walls this is the shade that will grab your attention immediately. They truly create a blank canvas feel to your homes and let you play around with room décor like none other.

Dark Green

In case you are looking for a shade that is subtle and bold at the same time dark green should be the perfect match for your painting house interior project. Whether it is the living area of your home or the bedroom or even the bathroom this shade accentuates your walls and lends them a new character.


You may ask, what’s new? And you have good reasons to ask the same about coral as this shade has been trending over the last many years. The leading colour agency in the world Pantone has termed it as the colour of the year for 2019 and this reason should be good enough to get you excited.


1.       If you are looking to make a bold statement with your home mustard is the choice. The reds have been tried a lot in the past and are out these days. With this shade, you will be able to create rich focal accents in your room and contrast them with the furniture and other décor items you have.


Last but not least we have grey on our list. What makes this shade special and always in trend are the countless shades you can choose. If you wish to play safe you can go for the subtle shades of the colour and when you want to go bold sky is the only limit as far as choice is concerned.

Try these colour shades and you will be able to add to the character of your home and make a style statement. Get in touch with a professional painting company and get started with a project. Remember choosing the colour shade is only half the job done and you need a professional team for painting house interior.

Summary – In this write-up of 7 Trending Colours for Painting House Interior, we look at the seven trending colour shades that you can try for your painting house interior

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