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Why I Choose Online Business

My goal job had always been to be an entrepreneur.

My very first company was in retail.

I lost some cash in that business, and it barely lasted for six months.

lessons discovered?

– I required a storefront to sell in.

– I had to remodel the store.

– I needed a staff member at the shop full-time.

No matter if I sold anything or not, I had to pay these expenses.

That’s also why I lost the money in my first months of business.

I went into wholesale after becoming injured.

The benefit of running a wholesale firm was that I could get started by managing everything myself out of a small office.

However, the wholesale trade was not without issues.

– Because most sales were made on credit terms, there were bad debts.
I had to deal with faulty merchandise.
Not to mention, outdated inventories were accumulating.

I recoiled whenever I caught sight of the outdated inventory in the warehouse.

Am I going to get old with these old stocks, I thought to myself.

Definitely not!

I required a new venture.

a company with

– no tangible goods

– low overhead, however

– limitless possibility for growth.

There was only one response when considering these…

online commerce

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