June 28, 2021

Which Is The Best Trading Platform For 2021

Best Trading Platform For Beginners

Best Trading Platform For Beginners

In this article I am going to talk about Deriv Forex trading Platform which can be an ideal and perhaps better trading platform for beginners.

Introduction To Deriv

Deriv deals with digital options and CFDs and offers three distinct platforms with over 100 tradable assets. Apart from Forex, and commodities there is also synthetic indices that can be traded 24 hours 7 days a week.

Now; in this article we are going to focus on multipliers a trading product on Dtrader.

What is Dtrader and How Does it Fit To Be Ideal Trading Platform For Beginners?

Dtrader is a user-friendly and best trading platform for beginners  that offers access to 50 assets such as forex, stock indices and commodities.

 Now let look into multipliers and what it is

Deriv multipliers is a trade type that allows traders to amplify their potential profits, while limiting potential loses only to your stake. This can be beneficial best trading platform for beginners and learners as well.

Here is how multipliers works. When you apply to your trade; your potential profit is amplified by your selected multipliers value. On Deriv, multipliers value are available from x10 all the way to x1000.

This is similar to leveraged trading, where your potential profit is amplified. However with leveraged trading, increased potential profit comes with the risk of increased potential lose.

But wit Deriv there are some good news; Whereby with Deriv multipliers this risk is limited. When you trade Deriv multipliers, you get more control over your trades and you won’t lose more than your stake.

Now let us focus on the risk management features

On Deriv you find risk management features readily designed for traders such as automatic stop out, optional take profit, stop loss and deal cancellation.

Automatic Stop Out

This feature ensures that you never lose more than your stake amount. With automatic stop out; your trade is automatically closed as soon as your loss equals your stake.

Take Profit

Take profit allows you to secure your profit without to constantly monitor your trade. All you have to do is set a profit level you are satisfied with and when your profit reaches or exceeds this level, your trade is closed automatically and your profit deposited in your account. You can also set or adjust your profit level even when your trade position is open.

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Automatic Stop Loss

Automatic stop loss is there to ensure that you do not lose more than your stake. You can minimize your loss level even when your trade position is open. Your trade position are automatically closed when your loss matches or exceeds the level that you sets. For example if you open a trade with $10 the stop out feature will automatically close your trade when the loss reaches $10. But when you set up a stop loss at $5 your trade automatically closes when  your loss reaches this amount. This will prevent you from losing your entire stake.  You can still adjust or set up your stop loss even if your trade positions are open.

Deal Cancellation Feature

With deal cancellation, you can cancel your trade within a specific time period. (This is depending on the asset you are trading) In this feature you gain your stake back if you see that the market is going against you. Deriv charges you a small fee for this service.

Which Trade Platforms Are Multipliers Available On?

One can trade multipliers on Dtrader trading platform and on Deriv Go Mobile Trading Application.

What Assets Are Available For Multipliers Trading?



-Deriv Synthetic Indices

But with multipliers one can trade multipliers on all major currency pairs and cryptocurrencies you can trade; crypto multipliers have time limit depending on the cryptocurrency you are trading. You can check this limit before placing a trade.

For synthetic indices you can trade multipliers on crash boom and continuous indices.

We have covered what multipliers are. They are risk management features, platforms and instruments traders can trade multipliers on.

Amplified Profit

When you trade with multipliers

-Your potential profit are amplified by multipliers value you set on your trade.

-The high the value, the high your potential of your profit will be.

Limited Risks

With risk management feature like automatic stop out, take profit, stop loss and deal cancellation your trades are protected and you won’t lose more than your stake.

On The Go 24/7 Trading

One can trade multipliers on the go with the go mobile application with crypto currencies and synthetic indices available to trade twenty-four hours, seven days a week including weekends and holidays. One can trade multipliers any time any day on Dtrader and Deriv Go.


Now that we have covered what multipliers are; and why you should consider trading Deriv multipliers. Try it for yourself login to your account or signup for a risk free demo account that is preloaded with $10,000 virtual currency for you to try and learn trading

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