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Tips for Designing the Impeccable Mobile App Icon

5 Tips for Designing the Impeccable Mobile App Icon

Small things make big differences, icons of a mobile app are one of the vital things that get noticed at first. We quickly recognize the icons of well-known apps, and this is how it makes a difference, An Icon design can either let your audience overlook your app or can get your app recognized instantly. It mostly happens that the users judge and download apps whose icons look professional and shows reliability. App icons are not logo designs; an app icon is a visual presenter of your brand, a mini design that has to be attractive while communicating the crux of your mobile application.

 Here are a few tips on how to design icons for mobile apps that must look impeccable.

  1. Keep It Simple:

Flat Icons are always a good choice. Icons are meant to please the eye and show professionalism with a refined look. The more colours and design you add, the less you will be noticed. Your icon should be simple, neat and comprehensible.

  1. Know Your Audience:

When designing an icon for your mobile app, select for an icon that doesn’t offend any cultural background of the audience. We live in a world of different cultures, use symbols that are universal for the people of all cultures.

  1. Scale Your Icons:

What are icons for? Icons are about communicating and clarifying which could only be done with sharp images. Using non-integral number will make your icon design blur, try using whole number dimension to give your icon layout a refined look. It is not just good for icon design, but for a custom logo design as well. Because the icon is going to be shown in numerous places throughout different mediums and in several sizes, so, it is important that your icon design maintains its legibility and uniqueness in every medium. The appearance of the icon design needs to look good on the App Stores, on Retina devices and even in all settings panels.

  1. Be Unique:

An icon for a mobile app has to be simple yet unique. A mobile has got various icons in it, to make your icon design stand out you must show creativity and uniqueness in the design. The general icon designs are often overlooked so avoid using them.

  1. Colour Selection:

Give it a start with two to three colours and not more than that, stuffing your icon design with colours is not a right approach. People do not like overdone things, just how you will not feel good if overdone so same is with the design. The audience quickly memorizes a design that is simple with smooth colours, unlike the funky designs.


Icon design is a pictograph of your mobile application, don’t mix it with words, it could be fine using a single letter in your icon design but do not stuff your design with words. Your brand name and logo in a square is not a good way, your icon is your strongest connection on the App Store so don’t weaken it. Make these tiny pieces of design the most appealing ones to make your brand stand differently.


Author Bio:

Carissa Melvin is a blogger, singer and a marketer. She is addicted to mobile apps and viral media trends. She helps to share extensive knowledge with those who look for better mobile apps, web designs and branding.

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