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Growing and managing even one social media account can be a full-time job in and of itself! That is why many local companies and entrepreneurs hire a professional social media agency in Edmonton. When you hire us to take over your social media accounts, we will continue to grow them and optimize them so that you can generate more quality leads from them. We can even start new social media accounts for you from scratch!

Social Media is a Key Component of SEO

You may or may not know that Google has been continuously updating its search engine algorithm to provide better results for search engine users. When Google was a much more rudimentary search engine, you could just stuff keywords in your pages and easily rank for them. However, that has long since changed. Today, Google looks at how people interact with your web pages. Google looks at things like your bounce rate, how many social media shares your pages get, and other social signals as well.

If you want your content to perform well in the search engines, then you must have a strong social media presence. This also has a lot to do with the fact that Google is favoring authority sites nowadays over non-authority websites. All of this should be taken into consideration if SEO is going to be part of your digital marketing package.

Social Media Management Can Save You Time and Money and Make You More Profitable

There is no denying that social media management is tedious work. Just use Facebook as an example. With Facebook, you have to give a lot to get a little. In other words, you can’t just login, post an ad, and get great leads. You have to interact with your communities on Facebook, and this principle is largely applicable across all social media platforms. You have to be a good community member first. This involves sharing, commenting, liking, and creating a lot of posts that are not spammy or advertising. Once you engage with your community, your community will be much more likely to engage with you. But again, this all takes a lot of time!

When you outsource your social media management to a social media agency in Edmonton, such as Evolve One Media, we will do all of this on your behalf. It doesn’t matter whether you have a well-established social media account or not. We can start a new account for you and grow it organically, and we can do this for YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, or just about any other viable social media platform. By outsourcing your social media to Evolve One Media, you can focus on the core of your business and have more of your time to invest in more important matters.

Evolve One Media Guarantees Results

Evolve One Media provides free consultations for people who are interested in employing our services. If we don’t think we can achieve your goals, we will not take your business.

social media agency Edmonton

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