Female Conservative Talk Show Hosts

Female Conservative Talk Show Hosts

The Laura Ingraham Show

A seasoned host on television and radio, Laura Ingraham is one of the most influential conservative hosts. She is bold and straightforward, characteristics she has exploited to make her show thought-provoking. The success of her Laura Ingraham Show has helped her transition effortlessly into podcasting, where she continues her commentary on politics, sports, and culture.

The Candace Owens Show

With its premiere in 2020, the Candace Owen show holds deep conversations on different social and political topics. Candace, famous for her activism and criticism of the left, engages in race, feminism, and policy with a diverse selection of guests. The show has evolved into Candace, faithfully continuing her brand. Her intelligence and humor inspire fascinating conversations as she hosts celebrities and other influential leaders.

Federalist Radio Hour

Emily Jashinsky takes the lead of this daily podcast. With the help of her guest hosts, she delves into important topics of the day and offers commentary on other political, religious, and cultural issues. She regularly has people of authority in the show, including authors, academics, politicians, and thought leaders.

The Dana Show with Dana Loesch

This nationally-syndicated show has been rated highly over the years thanks to Dana Loesch’s fresh, conservative approach. She is tenacious but not imposing, and her delivery is commanding enough to attract a younger audience and retain its core older one. This podcast is available daily and tackles the weighty, relevant issues with a dose of quirkiness and humor.

The ReidOut with Joy Reid

Hosted by Joy Reid, the show delves into conversations about culture, race, and justice. Reid, whose work spans public speaking and authoring, has been in MSNBC for over a decade. She brings politicians, newsmakers, and other favorable guests on the show to address provocative, divisive issues.

Problematic Women

This daily podcast hosted by Kelsey, Lauren, and Virginia is deeply rooted in conservatism. It challenges the narrative that women ought to be liberal and opposes any policies for women not made by women. The show recognizes women who have broken the ceiling to rise to authority in their fields. The long-format interviews are suitable for listeners who like deep conversations. The commentary extends to pop culture and headlining news.

The Untold Story

Hosted on FOX News, Martha MacCallum invites newsmakers to share their story of perseverance and tenacity. The honest conversations span politics, media, freedom, tech, and other topics of mass interest.

Confirming Conservative Women

Mikhaila, the host, dives deep into assorted topics that have women at their center. From religion, politics, motherhood, menopause, and other current events.

Brown Girl Self-Care

Bre is candid about her life experience and shares the lessons that have improved her life with her listeners. She also offers insights into her wellness routines, reviewing products and providing guidance on improving or caring for your physical, spiritual, and mental health. It is built for women of color but offers enough wisdom to be worth any woman.

The Liz Wheeler Show

This recent podcast has picked up enough momentum to be of influence. Liz Wheeler offers her unrestrained perspectives on current cultural issues. She references scientific data often and bravely tackles topics the mainstream media chooses to avoid.

Female Conservative Talk Show Hosts