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Your Webpage Title is a micro-tasking website where users from Kenya can complete simple tasks and earn money. offers higher rates compared to other similar platforms because it focuses on training artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Users can contribute to AI development by completing various tasks such as image and video tasks, text annotation, surveys, and more. The process is convenient, as tasks can be completed from home using a computer or mobile app. provides fast payments through methods like PayPal and Payoneer, and users can also earn bonuses by referring friends. Signing up, completing a training set, selecting tasks, and withdrawing earnings as the basic process. Overall encourage readers to try, It has positive reviews and high ratings compared to other micro-tasking websites. Additionally, the opportunity to participate in the Universal Human Relevance System (UHRS) for further AI training tasks.

How To Start  Making Money In This Micro-Tasking Website

In this article, I’m going to share with you how you can start making money on If you’re new to this, let’s dive right in. Toloka is a micro-tasking website, and there are similar platforms out there, such as SproutGigs and Amazon Mechanical Turk, which are also considered micro-tasking websites. In simple terms, you complete simple and short repetitive tasks even from Kenya on these platforms and get paid for your contribution. However, most of the time, the payout is low, and the amount of work required may not be worth your time.

But Toloka is different. They offer higher rates compared to other platforms in the industry, and there’s a good reason behind it. Toloka focuses on training artificial intelligence (AI), and by completing various tasks on their platform, you’re actually contributing to the development of their technology. So, you have a meaningful contribution, and that’s why they can pay you more for your work. I hope that makes sense.

Moreover, the process of working on Toloka from Kenya is enjoyable. There’s a wide variety of tasks available, including image and video-related tasks, text and audio tasks, real-world tasks, and even surveys that you can fill out and get paid for. The best part is that these tasks are simple, only take a few minutes to complete, and don’t require any specific expertise. You can conveniently complete them from home using your laptop, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Toloka doesn’t require any qualifications, and they provide fast payments, so you don’t have to wait around to receive your earnings. Additionally, they offer a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, making it even more convenient for you. Regardless of the operating system you use, as long as you’re willing to take action and complete tasks, you can earn money on Toloka.

Now, let’s break down the six-step process.

First, you need to sign up, which involves entering your basic details and personal information. Once that’s done, you’re good to go. Moving on to step two, you can complete a quick training set to learn how to perform specific types of tasks. This step is crucial, and I recommend not skipping it.

After that, you can choose the tasks you want to work on, either on your computer or through the mobile app. Read the instructions carefully and complete the assignments. If everything goes well, you can withdraw your earnings from your Toloka account using their fast and secure payment methods, including PayPal and Payoneer. In case these options are not available in your country, there are a few other alternatives to choose from.

Furthermore, if you enjoy using the app and want to earn bonuses while increasing your profitability, you can refer your friends to Toloka. By bringing in new users, you not only help them make some extra cash but also receive compensation for your contribution. Referring to friends is an excellent way to maximize your earnings once you get the ball rolling.

To get started, click on the “Start Earning Money” button on the Toloka website. Choose the option “I’m ready to earn money” and log in. If you haven’t signed up yet, follow the straightforward process of entering your email or phone number and providing your basic details like your country for example “I am from Kenya”.

Once you’ve successfully signed up, you’ll see your dashboard, where you can navigate to the category of the task. This is where the magic happens. Here, you can access various tasks by going through the training or taking tests, which allows you to start earning money right away.

It’s important to understand that Toloka offers micro-tasks, which are simple but come with relatively low payouts. While Toloka’s rates are better than many other platforms, don’t expect to earn hundreds of dollars for basic tasks like typing or image highlighting. Now, let’s take a closer look at the types of tasks available and the realistic earning potential.

  • Task selection: Browse through the available tasks on the platform. Tasks may vary in complexity and payment amount.

  • Task completion: Choose a task you are interested in and follow the instructions provided. Tasks can be completed on a computer or through the Toloka mobile app.

  • Quality and accuracy: It’s important to complete tasks accurately and according to the guidelines provided. High-quality work increases your reputation on the platform and improves your chances of getting more tasks and earning more money.

  • Payment: Once you complete a task and it is approved by the requester, you will receive payment. Toloka typically offers various withdrawal methods such as PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, or Papara.

  • Referrals: Toloka  also have a referral program where you can earn bonuses by referring friends or acquaintances to join the platform.

To gain access to all tasks, it’s recommended to take tests that assess your English comprehension level and your ability to complete quizzes. You don’t need to be an expert; a basic understanding of English is sufficient. Bypassing these tests, you unlock more opportunities.

Before diving into Toloka, it’s always a good idea to check reviews and ratings from other users. Fortunately, Toloka has a high rating, with 4.4 stars out of 5 based on over 250,000 reviews and over 10 million downloads. While there are mixed opinions, overall, people seem satisfied with the earnings. Checking reviews on the App Store and Google Play can provide further insights.

Remember, the only way to truly know if Toloka works for you is by trying it out yourself. It’s a free platform, so you can give it a go without any financial risks. Toloka stands out as one of the best options in the micro-tasking space, offering higher rates due to its focus on training AI. However, it’s worth exploring alternatives like UHRS (Universal Human Relevance System) for additional opportunities in the field of AI training.

It’s important to note that the availability of tasks and earning potential may vary based on your location and the demand for specific tasks. It’s a good idea to explore the Toloka platform, read the provided guidelines, and familiarize yourself with the available tasks to determine the best approach for maximizing your earnings.

Please note that the information provided above is based on general knowledge about crowdsourcing platforms and may not specifically reflect the current features or policies of It’s always a good idea to visit the official Toloka website or consult their documentation for the most up-to-date and accurate information on using their platform to make money.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a way to make money through micro-tasks, is definitely worth considering. It offers a variety of simple tasks, higher rates compared to other platforms, fast payments, and a convenient mobile app. By contributing to the training of AI technology, you have a meaningful role and can earn money from the comfort of your home. Remember, it’s essential to try it out yourself to determine if it suits your needs and expectations.

To summarize is a crowdsourcing platform where individuals can complete various micro-tasks and earn money. Tasks include image and video annotation, text classification, audio transcription, data collection, and more. To get started, users need to sign up, select tasks, complete them accurately according to guidelines, and receive payment once the tasks are approved. Payment can be withdrawn through various methods such as PayPal or Payoneer. The availability of tasks and earning potential may vary, so it’s advisable to explore the platform and stay updated with its features and policies.

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