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Watercolour Paint for Professionals

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Watercolour Paint for Proffesionals

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Overview About Watercolours

Watercolour painting is a versatile and expressive art form that utilizes pigments suspended in water to create beautiful and translucent paintings. It is a technique that has been used for centuries and continues to be popular among artists today.

In watercolour painting, artists typically use water-soluble pigments that are applied to paper or other absorbent surfaces. The pigments are mixed with water to achieve different levels of transparency and can be layered to create various shades and tones. The unique characteristic of watercolours is their ability to create delicate washes and luminous effects due to the transparent nature of the pigments.

Watercolour painting offers a wide range of possibilities, from creating detailed and realistic artwork to capturing loose and spontaneous impressions. Artists often use various techniques such as wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, glazing, and lifting to achieve different effects and textures in their paintings.

One of the key aspects of watercolour painting is the importance of planning and understanding the properties of the medium. Due to its transparent nature, watercolours require careful consideration of values, composition, and the order in which different areas are painted. Artists often start with lighter washes and gradually build up layers of colour, allowing the underlying layers to show through.

Watercolour paints are available in tubes or pans, and artists can choose from a wide range of colours to create their desired palette. Brushes with soft bristles are commonly used for watercolour painting, allowing for smooth application and blending of colours. Additionally, artists often use other tools such as sponges, spray bottles, and masking fluid to create unique effects and textures.

Watercolour painting can be enjoyed by artists of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced professionals. It offers a fluid and spontaneous approach to painting, allowing artists to capture the essence of a subject and evoke a sense of light and atmosphere. Whether it’s landscapes, portraits, still life, or abstract art, watercolours provide a captivating and vibrant medium for artistic expression.

Want to paint a professional pictures?

I, too, have more watercolour paint in my possession than I will ever need in a lifetime. But does that stop me? No! However, the good news for you is that my obsession has led to have fun where I discuss several different professional watercolour brands and why I love them.

 I prefer tubes and usually squeeze the paint into pans. I then attach a magnet to the pans and place them in a tin of my choice. So, that’s what you’ll primarily read in this article.

Now, let's talk about watercolour techniques.

There are different schools of thought on how to use watercolours, and it’s a topic that can be explored in another article. Personally, I believe in squeezing out pigment, letting it cure, and re-wetting it every time I want to use it. I find that when you squeeze fresh paint out of the tube and use it directly, you tend to use too much. But we can delve deeper into this topic another time.

Watercolour painting is like a whimsical dance of pigments and water on the canvas. It’s a captivating medium that offers a wide range of techniques to explore. Let’s dive into a world of watery enchantment and discover the magic of watercolour techniques:

Embrace the Wet-on-Wet: Imagine your brush gliding across a wet canvas, colours intertwining like a graceful waltz. By moistening the paper before applying the paint, you unleash a symphony of blending hues, creating dreamy and ethereal effects that transport the viewer to a misty realm.

Master the Wet-on-Dry: With this technique, you become the conductor, dictating where each stroke of color should land. By working on a dry surface, you command precision, shaping defined forms and crisp edges. It’s like orchestrating a visual masterpiece with your paintbrush as the baton.

Unveil the Beauty of Glazing: As an alchemist of watercolour, you layer transparent washes of colour, each one adding depth and richness to the painting. Like applying layers of translucent veils, glazing breathes life into your artwork, capturing the luminosity and subtle nuances that only watercolour can reveal.

Dance with the Dry Brush: Allow your brush to flirt with the paper’s surface, leaving behind whispers of colour. With a drier brush and minimal water, you create a textured embrace, where broken strokes and captivating details emerge. It’s a pas de deux that adds texture and character to your creations.

Sprinkle and Splatter with Abandon: Release your inner child and play with spontaneity. Flick your brush or spray misty droplets onto the canvas, as if nature herself is lending a hand. The resulting splatters and sprays add an element of surprise and whimsy, hinting at hidden stories within your artwork.

Lift the Veil of Mistakes: Like a magician’s trick, lifting allows you to correct missteps and create highlights with a gentle touch. With a clean brush or a soft sponge, you delicately erase or reveal layers of colour, like uncovering hidden treasures beneath the surface.

Masking, the Art of Concealment: Embrace the power of secrets and mysteries by using masking fluid or tape to shield certain areas. As you peel away the mask, you reveal untouched realms, like an artist slowly unveiling a secret masterpiece.

Sprinkle the Essence of Salt: In a stroke of playful experimentation, sprinkle salt onto your wet creation. Witness the magical dance of salt crystals absorbing pigments, creating unexpected textures and patterns that mimic the wonders of nature.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of watercolour techniques, where each brushstroke tells a story and every wash of colour invites you to explore the infinite possibilities of this captivating medium. Let your creativity flow like a river and allow the colours to sing in harmony, as you embark on a mesmerizing artistic journey.

These watercolours are made in Japan and can be described as creamy, bold, and saturated. Some colours are slightly too pretty and relatively opaque. Holbein offers a wide range of convenience colour options, which are pre-mixed colours that come in tubes, allowing you to avoid colour mixing. They don’t granulate much, so the colours are clean and not speckled. Some people speculate that ox gall might be missing from these pigments, but I haven’t delved into the scientific details.

Holbein watercolours, like an orchestra of pigments, captivate artists with their symphony of hues and masterful qualities. Each stroke with a Holbein brush transports you to a realm where colours sing in perfect harmony, embracing your artistic vision with an unrivalled brilliance.

These paints possess a beautiful luminosity, akin to capturing beams of sunlight dancing on a tranquil lake. With exceptional lightfastness, the vibrant intensity of Holbein watercolours remains steadfast, resisting the passage of time and preserving your creations for generations to come.

Holbein unveils a treasure trove of colours, a painter’s palette of dreams. From the deepest cerulean blues, reminiscent of endless skies, to the warm embrace of earthy ochres that whisper tales of nature’s wonders, every shade is a key to unlocking infinite artistic possibilities.

Transparency is Holbein’s secret enchantment. Like gossamer veils, these watercolours delicately layer upon each other, creating an ethereal dance of translucent washes. With graceful glazes, you weave stories upon your canvas, revealing hidden depths and luminous effects that draw the viewer into a realm of pure artistic enchantment.

Holbein watercolours caress the paper with a velvet touch, their smooth consistency gliding effortlessly across the surface. With each stroke, they gracefully respond to the caress of water, blending and mingling like silk ribbons in a gentle breeze. Controlled brushwork and intricate details come to life with ease, guided by the innate harmony of these remarkable pigments.

In the realm of Holbein, creativity knows no bounds. From the passionate artist seeking bold expression to the subtle whispers of delicate pastels, every nuance finds its voice within its extensive range of colours. The artist’s palette transforms into a gateway of infinite inspiration, a portal to realms waiting to be explored.

With Holbein watercolours, you hold the power of creation in your hands. Tubes and pans, each a portal to artistic revelation, offer flexibility to suit your style and journey. Whether nestled in a studio or on an adventurous quest under open skies, these paints become your trusted companions, ready to accompany you on your artistic odyssey.

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of Holbein watercolours, where vibrant pigments, transparency, and a symphony of colours converge. Let the unique qualities of these paints guide your brush and unlock the boundless depths of your creativity, as you embark on a magnificent artistic voyage like no other.

These watercolours re-wet easily, have a fine grind, and offer exceptional clarity. While some reviewers have mentioned that the dispersion of Sennelier isn’t as explosive as expected, I personally haven’t had that experience. These pigments are similar in clarity to Winsor & Newton, which I’ll discuss shortly. If you love non-granulating, beautiful, sheer, and non-opaque colours, Sennelier might be a great choice.
Moving on to Schmincke, a German brand. I painted with this palette for over a year and a half, which is a long time for me to stick with one palette. Schmincke watercolours are curious and offer a fantastic variety of pigments. They have convenience colors, super sheer options, bold colours, and even granulating colors. In the past two years, they have introduced a new series of granulating colors, which I absolutely love. However, be aware that these colors tend to bloom on the page, meaning they create smooth transitions. This might be a bit annoying if you prefer crisp edges. Overall, Schmincke strikes a curious balance between Winsor & Newton and Daniel Smith.

In the realm of watercolour, Sennelier stands as a distinguished French luminary, casting its honeyed enchantment upon artists’ palettes. Like an alchemist’s elixir, Sennelier watercolours weave a spell of unparalleled allure with their captivating pigments infused with the essence of golden honey.

Drawing from nature’s sweetness, Sennelier watercolours embrace the velvety richness of pure French honey as their binder. This divine fusion imparts a distinct character to the paints, a silky smoothness that caresses the paper with effortless grace. Each brushstroke becomes a sensory delight, as if the artist is engaged in a divine collaboration with nature itself.

The honey’s harmonious union with the pigments bestows upon Sennelier watercolours an ethereal radiance. Colors resonate with an intensified brilliance, revealing their truest essence. From the delicate whispers of pastels to the resplendent depths of jewel-like tones, every hue sings with an enchanting vitality, captivating the eye and stirring the soul.

Sennelier’s honey-based formula not only enhances the pigments’ luminosity but also unlocks a world of artistic versatility. The paints respond with a gentle fluidity, ready to mingle and dance upon the paper. Brush and water find a harmonious partner in Sennelier watercolours, effortlessly blending and cascading, inviting the artist to explore the realm of limitless possibilities.

The honey’s inherent preservative properties ensure that Sennelier watercolours age with grace and resilience. Like a precious treasure, these paints retain their vibrancy over time, safeguarding your artistic legacy for generations to come. With Sennelier watercolours, you create not only for the present but for a lasting artistic heritage.

Step into Sennelier’s palette, a kaleidoscope of inspiration waiting to unfold. The extensive range of colors, meticulously crafted, offers an artist an exquisite array of shades to convey emotions and narratives. From the soft whispers of nature’s embrace to the vivid crescendos of vibrant expression, Sennelier watercolours invite you to compose your own artistic symphony.

As the honey-laden pigments meet the brush, they awaken with a touch of water, bringing the dried paints back to life. The colors effortlessly spring forth, ready to embark on a new chapter of creative exploration. With Sennelier watercolours, the artist finds a gentle companion that never ceases to inspire, even in the midst of artistic rediscovery.

Embrace the alchemical wonder of Sennelier watercolours, where honey and pigments intertwine, revealing a world of artistic magic. Let the golden elixir guide your hand, infusing your art with a timeless essence, as you navigate the captivating landscape of creative expression like no other.

These watercolours are USA-made, and their colour variety is massive. Daniel Smith covers all the bases with a wide range of sheer, opaque, and shimmer colours. They have beautiful granulating colors like Moon Glow and Cascade Green. One of my all-time favorites from Daniel Smith is Buff Titanium, a creamy ivory colour. What I love most about Daniel Smith is their personality. Each color feels like meeting someone new every day. The dispersion of these colours is incredible, and they burst into one another with excitement. Daniel Smith offers the full spectrum of watercolour

In the realm of watercolour dreams, Daniel Smith reigns as a luminary, igniting the imaginations of artists with their extraordinary pigments. Like whispered secrets of an artist’s muse, Daniel Smith watercolours reveal a world where innovation and quality intertwine, creating an unrivaled tapestry of artistic inspiration.

Daniel Smith paints possess a magical potency, an enchanting harmony of pigments sourced from far corners of the earth. From the sun-kissed sands of ancient minerals to the captivating hues derived from nature’s treasures, each pigment radiates with a unique character, inviting artists to embark on a journey of colour exploration.

What sets Daniel Smith apart is their dedication to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. They have curated a collection of paints that transcends convention, inviting artists to delve into realms of creativity previously unexplored. With their specialized pigments, such as the captivating PrimaTek, luminescent wonders, and captivating Duochromes, Daniel Smith opens doors to new dimensions of visual storytelling.

A symphony of pigment awaits in every tube and pan of Daniel Smith watercolours. With an abundance of concentrated colour, these paints awaken the canvas with vibrant intensity, breathing life into every brushstroke. The richness and depth achieved with each application evoke a sense of awe, as if the very essence of the pigments dances upon the paper.

Transparency becomes a portal to artistic possibilities with Daniel Smith watercolours. These paints possess a delicate translucency, allowing artists to explore layering techniques and build ethereal depths. The colours fuse and mingle, creating a harmonious interplay that elevates the artwork to new levels of luminosity and beauty.

Lightfastness, a testament to Daniel Smith’s commitment to quality, ensures that your creations stand the test of time. These paints possess exceptional resistance to fading, preserving the brilliance of your artwork for generations to come. With Daniel Smith, your artistic legacy remains vibrant and captivating throughout the ages.

The range of colors offered by Daniel Smith is a testament to their dedication to artistic expression. From an expansive palette of earth tones that whisper of nature’s serenity to vivid botanical hues that burst with life, every color has been carefully crafted to ignite the imagination. With Daniel Smith, your palette becomes a gateway to infinite creative exploration.

Embrace the extraordinary allure of Daniel Smith watercolours, where innovation and quality intertwine to create a world of artistic wonder. Allow the pigments to guide your brush, unlocking the depths of your imagination and breathing life into your artistic vision. With Daniel Smith as your artistic companion, your creative journey becomes an extraordinary odyssey of colours and emotions, forever unique and captivating.


In the realm of watercolour enchantment, Winsor & Newton stands as a luminary, casting its timeless spell upon artists. With a legacy steeped in excellence, this distinguished brand weaves a tapestry of artistic brilliance that has captivated generations of creative souls.

Winsor & Newton watercolours embody the spirit of artistic tradition, blending it with a touch of visionary innovation. Like a brush dipped in pure inspiration, their paints hold the power to transport artists to a realm where imagination knows no bounds.

Winsor & Newton paints are a testament to the pursuit of perfection. Meticulously crafted using the finest pigments, each color radiates with a vibrancy that captures the essence of artistic expression. From the soft whispers of delicate pastels to the bold crescendos of vivid primaries, their palette invites you to explore the entire spectrum of emotions and visual storytelling.

Lightfastness, a hallmark of Winsor & Newton, ensures that your artistic creations endure the test of time. These paints are crafted to withstand the passage of years, preserving the brilliance and integrity of your artwork. With Winsor & Newton as your creative companion, your art becomes an everlasting testament to your vision and passion.

Winsor & Newton’s commitment to transparency is a gateway to artistic mastery. Their watercolours possess a sublime translucency, allowing light to dance and refract within each delicate layer. With gentle washes and masterful glazes, you create depths that beckon the viewer to immerse themselves in your artistic world.

In the realm of texture and brushwork, Winsor & Newton paints yield their transformative magic. With an impeccable consistency and luxurious flow, they respond to your touch, enabling you to express the full range of your artistic voice. The paints become an extension of your creativity, translating your emotions and visions onto the canvas with fluid grace.

Winsor & Newton offers artists a symphony of choice. From their versatile tube paints to the portable elegance of pans, they cater to every artistic need. Whether in the comfort of your studio or amidst the enchanting landscapes that inspire you, Winsor & Newton provides the tools to capture your creative muse wherever it may be found.

Step into the realm of Winsor & Newton watercolours, where artistry and innovation converge. Let the hues of their paints awaken your senses, and their smooth flow guide your hand. With Winsor & Newton, you enter a realm of artistic possibility, where your imagination takes flight and your watercolour dreams become an extraordinary reality.

Final Word

Watercolour painting is a captivating world of creativity, and exploring different techniques and brands, such as Holbein, Sennelier, Daniel Smith, and Winsor & Newton, allows artists to unlock new dimensions of artistic expression. Each brand brings its own unique qualities and characteristics to the palette, enticing artists with a myriad of possibilities.

Holbein watercolours captivate with their intense pigmentation, exceptional transparency, and a wide range of vibrant colours. Artists can indulge in the richness and luminosity of these paints, creating captivating artworks that evoke emotion and depth.

Sennelier watercolours, with their honey-based pigments, offer a touch of sweetness and a luxurious consistency. These paints invite artists to experience the harmonious blend of pure French honey and pigments, resulting in artworks that exude a natural radiance and luminosity.

Daniel Smith watercolours embody a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. With their carefully selected pigments, vibrant intensity, and a wide range of colours, these paints inspire artists to push the boundaries of their creativity and achieve remarkable depth and dimension in their artworks.

Winsor & Newton watercolours, steeped in artistic heritage, offer artists a legacy of excellence. With their commitment to quality, extensive range of colours, and innovative formulations, these paints stand as a beacon of artistic inspiration. Artists can trust in the brilliance, lightfastness, and handling qualities of Winsor & Newton paints to bring their artistic visions to life.

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