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LeadsLeap Coop Traffic Program

In This Article,Exploring the New LeadsLeap  Co-op Traffic

In this article, we will delve into the recently added leadsleap co-op traffic in late July 2022. We will guide you on accessing and utilizing the leadsleap co-op, while highlighting its benefits. Additionally, we’ll discuss the progress report of this leadsleap co-op. So let’s begin by examining how to set up the co-op link and make the most of this exciting opportunity.

Accessing the leadsleap Co-op Link:

To access the leadsleap co-op link page, login or register an account on leadsleap if you don’t have one; click on the prominent ” Coop Earnings” under the money tab at the sidebar menu. This page provides your personalized co-op link, which you can promote directly. However, before sharing the link, it’s recommended to create an ad widget or ad bar at the top of the page. I asume that you have already set up your ad bar. Now, select your desired ad from your collection and attach it to the co-op page. By doing so, you can promote your own funnel alongside the co-op ads, maximizing your exposure and personal branding.

Promoting Leadsleap Co-op:

After setting up your co-op link and ad bar, you can begin promoting it on various platforms, including traffic exchanges. The co-op not only brings in additional traffic but also enhances your earnings. If you’re a free member, the co-op will drive traffic to your credit ads, while pro members will receive traffic to their pro ads and any associated credit ads. Now, let’s see how this translates into tangible results.

Boost in Traffic and Earnings:

Previously, my credit ads on With the introduction of Leadsleap co-op in July, everything changed. The co-op brought in approximately 10 extra hits per day across all my ads, significantly boosting my overall traffic. Simultaneously, I started earning additional income in between $010 and $8 weekly. On the first payday after the co-op launch, I received a pleasant surprise of earning 48 cents. Although it may seem modest, considering it amounts to around 10 cents per day, it adds to my overall income from LeadsleapLeadsleap co-op earnings

Advantages of Co-op Promotion on Traffic Exchanges:

Promoting the co-op on traffic exchanges has proven to be highly effective in attracting quality traffic. By placing other ads with the co-op link that includes the ad widget, we can leverage personal branding and present a targeted advertisement to users. This approach ensures that those who click the link are genuinely interested in what leadsleap co-op have to offer, leading to higher-quality traffic. Additionally, by focusing on English-speaking countries, especially the United States, where feasible, leadsleap co-op further enhance the quality of traffic received.

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