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Earn Money in Kenya

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Earn Money in Kenya Using Your Phone Or Laptop

If you are looking to earn money in Kenya; is an online platform that connects freelancers and businesses, offering a wide range of micro jobs and gig opportunities. Whether you’re looking to earn some extra income or outsource small tasks, provides a user-friendly platform to facilitate these transactions.

The platform offers a diverse selection of micro jobs, which can help people to earn money in Kenya and which are small tasks that can typically be completed in a short amount of time. These tasks encompass various categories such as content creation, social media management, graphic design, data entry, online research, and more. allows individuals with different skills and expertise to offer their services and monetize their abilities.

For freelancers, in Kenya, provides a convenient way to showcase their skills and find potential clients. By creating a profile and listing their services, freelancers can attract employers who are seeking specific tasks to be completed. The platform also offers a rating and review system, allowing freelancers to build their reputation and credibility based on their work.

On the other hand, businesses and individuals seeking assistance with small tasks can easily browse through the available micro jobs on They can hire freelancers based on their requirements and budget, ensuring efficient completion of their tasks without the need for long-term commitments. prioritizes user satisfaction and security by implementing measures to safeguard transactions and protect the interests of both freelancers and employers. The platform also provides reliable customer support to address any queries or concerns that may arise during the job completion process.

Whether you’re a freelancer looking to earn money or a business seeking assistance with specific tasks, offers a seamless platform to connect and collaborate. With its diverse range of micro jobs and user-friendly interface, aims to foster a productive and mutually beneficial environment for freelancers and employers alike.

If you want to complete a micro job on Sproutgigs and start to earn money in Kenya, follow these steps:

Choose a job from the available options on the Sproutgigs platform. For example, let’s consider a job titled “Reddit search plus upvote my post” that pays 20 cents and takes five minutes or less.

Read the job description and requirements carefully. Make sure you have a Reddit account to perform the task.

Follow the provided instructions. In this case, it involves searching for “best office chair Reddit” on Google and selecting a post with more than 1.3k upvotes titled “What’s the best office chair for someone who spends long hours on the computer and has bad posture?”

Perform the required actions on Reddit, such as upvoting the specified post and clicking on the Reddit username of the post creator.

Capture a screenshot as proof of completing the task. You can use a tool like Lightshot to easily take and save screenshots.

Log in to your Sproutgigs account and go to the job submission page.

Upload the screenshot as proof of completing the task.

Enter the Reddit username of the post creator.

Click the “Submit proof” button to submit your completed task.

Wait for the Sproutgigs platform to review and approve your task.

Once your task is approved, you will earn 20 cents, and the earnings will be added to the “Earned” section of your Sproutgigs account.

Remember to carefully follow the instructions for each job and provide the necessary proofs, such as screenshots, to ensure proper payment. Taking advantage of tools like Lightshot can simplify the process of capturing and saving screenshots quickly.

By successfully completing micro jobs on Sproutgigs and submitting the required proofs, you can begin earning money through the platform.

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