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Activated Charcoal Powder

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Why Is Activated Charcoal Powder Soo Important?

Activated charcoal powder is an amazing product that I think everyone should have in their houses. It is one of the miracle products that one should have because of soo many reasons.

In this article; am going to discuss this amazing product which is by the way activated charcoal.

I will be giving some of the virtues of this amazing product. Although there is soo many health benefits to activated charcoal powder, am not going to try to give the number to the list. But just in case you have not given activated charcoal powder a try, I would highly recommend that you do so.

If you have already learned about the benefits of activated charcoal, it has been there for many centuries now. People in ancient days used it for medicinal purposes. They perhaps discovered it when they lit their first fire or probably from the early wildfires.

If you are to burn down hardwood or coconut shells, you gonna be able to get charcoal powder by grinding the charcoal. The process of activating the carbon in the charcoal for the sake of increasing adsorption surface area; is a bit complex process. But as it is; natural charcoal powder is very effective when it comes to medicinal use in our bodies.

The reason why you need to be using this product is that it is very notorious when it comes to cleaning as well as a detoxifying agent. It is also fantastic for filtering things and adsorption of other substances.

Water Filteration

It is a fantastic agent used in filtering water. You will find it in the filtration of airborne substances, like in the gas mask filter

Activated Charcoal Powder Lowers cholesterol levels.

Although no scientific research has concluded this argument; charcoal powder has been known to lower cholesterol levels in the body. Activated charcoal powder has the ability to adsorb (attach to) cholesterol and bile acids present in the intestine. This will prevent their absorption. This will lead to a reduction in the absorption of bile acids that will results in increased cholesterol breakdown by the liver. In controlled studies of people with high cholesterol, activated charcoal reduced total- and LDL-cholesterol levels, when given in amounts from 4 to 32 grams per day.

Decreasing gas (flatulence).

The use of activated charcoal has been known to fight gas problems in the gut. Activated charcoal is created by heating common charcoal to make it more porous. This makes it increase in surface area to adsorb toxins in the body.

Treating reduced bile flow (cholestasis) during pregnancy.

Taking activated charcoal by mouth seems to help treat cholestasis in pregnancy, according to some early research reports.

Teeth Whitening

Some people use charcoal powder to whiten their teeth other uses it to rebuild their teeth enamel. The activated charcoal may be an effective teeth whitener because activated charcoal is more abrasive than toothpaste.

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